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     I want to personally thank you for bringing Christmas to the children of Bluebonnet Youth Ranch. You put a lot of thought, work, and effort into the bus trip, lunch arrangements, and presents for all of the children. We are certainly grateful.


     Thank you for the cash contributions as we That was a very generous donation. It was certainly nice to finally meet you in person, as well as the whole ABM group We look forward to next time. On behalf on the board of directors, staff, and children of Bluebonnet Youth Ranch, thank you again.



Kim Reeves


June 29, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

    I just have to tell ABM tha you have such a great crew working for you.  They were very plesant and a pleasure to work with.  They were understanding, patient, smiles (and a few of them had jokes).  Thank you all for all your help and we look forward to a great relationship.

    If you have need any further information or need to find out where i need to send the million dollar check (kidding) for wonderful customer service just let me know.

Thanks again and hope you're having a wonderful summer.


Sandra Grant
Operations Manager
Wesley Community Center




November 08, 2007


Dear ABM,


I just waned to brag on one of your employees, Janet Todd in Particular.

If ever i needed anything, al i have to do is send her an email and like magic the items arrives the next day.  I really appreciated the great service she provides.

It is a pleasure to do business with a company that has an employee like Janet.


Thanks ABM and Janet,


Wanda Culp
Print on Demand


March 20, 2008


Re: Jason Jackson


Dear Don Sweeney,


I want to express my personal thanks for the Field Service Engineer you sent to my office.

We frequently see service people who don't care about their customers, or who are sloppy in their work and dress, or who are late or jus't don't appear.  Your representative Jason Jackson came to my office.  he was on time, he understood the problem and took the time to solve it.  Mr. Jackson is an excellent representative of your business.  I would like for you to know the service he presents will keep me a very happy customer.


Please know you have an excellent employee and representative for your business.


Thank You,

Patricia Ferguson
Patricia Ferguson Agency/Nationwide


December 07, 2011


Subject: Print Management Project 

To: All Employees — Houston Good morning,


     One of the developing projects that has been in process for several months will begin implementation today. Over the past several years our acquisition and application of printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines has been random and virtually unchecked. The variety in makes, models and functions is causing a manpower drain in our IT De­partment and the requirement to store thousands of dollars in toner cartridges and supplies unnecessarily. The large number of print devices also contributes to our electrical load which is now close to overwhelming our building power systems.


     The goal of the Print Management Project is to reduce the number of print producing units, lessen the amount of paper consumed, eliminate the maintenance burden from our IT Department, cut the numbers of supply items we are currently keeping in inventory, standardizing operational features and repair responsibilities and reducing our power requirement,


     The company chosen to help us with this undertaking is ABM of Texas. The machines . chosen are Savin. Each unit will be able to operate multifunctionally as a copier, scanner, printer and fax. While we will be using several different models every unit will have an identical control panel and operating instructions. There is a unit now functioning in the IT Department and there will be trainers on site to answer questions and give directions. Admittedly, consolidation does not always equate to convenience. The locations of the new units will be in similar positions to our current units. We have focused around existing work centers as our hubs, The ultimate success of all the projects we have, and will ever, attempt depends on you and all of us.


Thank you for your cooperation,

Peter W. Kozak
Director — Administrative Services


August 17, 2009

Dear Mr. Sweeney,


As a customer of American Business Machines, we often have service issues. Jason Jackson is our service technician. He has gone above and beyond for us on several occasions.

His attitude is "can do", his knowledge of the equipment is impressive and he is a man of his word. He comes when he says he will.

Just thought you should know.




Nora Chunn
Hosanna Fellowship

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